A few things that I do when not doing research or teaching...

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These are some of my current musical activities

We had a residency hosted by Muzzix with friends Sakina Abdou & Jean-Baptiste Rubin (Bi-Ki?) and Simon Henocq at la Malterie, Lille, France, on March 27-29, 2021: infos here ... and a movie is available here

I participated in the "Vibrating Shapes" project, hosted by Université de Lille, with musicians from Muzzix, and my colleague Florent Berthaut : infos here

I also sometimes join the OffBeat sessions organized by my colleague Marjorie Van Halteren

And these are some of my previous bands

Amertume (Prog rock)
Mob Boss (Post hardcore) (also here )

I happened to play with Gordie Chambers in DeerTree


9Milliards (Kioscoop)

In this project, we try to support and foster the diversity/pluralism in the field of news and media, as well as to bring the reader back in the information production system.


I serve as a volunteer in this cooperative supermaket in Lille.


I also am a member of 2 cigales, 1 in Paris, the other one in Lille, both financing and accompagnying projects in the field of social economy.

Misc. of order 2

I'm incidentally the founder, lifelong member, and only regular contributor of Brapafi femto-brewery (it's like a nano-brewery, but a million times smaller)... it is in the brewing luminous!